Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Night Confessional

no nye kiss for me this year.
my life is depressing. not an awesome start.
lisa and i have been looking at apartments online the past couple of weekends.
we're planning on actually seeing them in person next weekend and the big move is scheduled for march.
i don't have work tomorrow.
it's my second comp day (from working thanksgiving weekend).
i feel like i'm about to drop a lot of cash.
$50 parking ticket, hair color appt, facial, 6 mo supply of contacts, new monthly train pass. thank the lawd for a full time job!
i still get scared to take shots with red bull in them.
too many near death experiences.
marcel is insane.
she won't stop attacking my shoes. and she actually ripped a hole in our living room carpet. mom's pissed.
hello 2011!
hoping and praying you're the best year yet.

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