Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Night Confessional

my louis vuitton was stolen last night.
i set it down on the stage right in front of me at the bar, along with all of our jackets. all of a sudden this drunk girl came up by us and was dancing (flailing) around. next thing i know, i turn to talk to friends behind me and that chick runs off with my purse.
long story short, she's an idiot. instead of running out of the bar, she ran to the bathroom. one of the girls i was with chased her and stood outside the stall. since she was obviously unable to stick a louis inside her purse, she left my speedy bag in the bathroom and made a run for it. when she bolted out of the stall after 10 minutes, the girl i was with grabbed her and called security. i got my bag back, but my wallet was missing. don't worry, i got that back too.
guess where it was?
in the tampon garbage can in the bathroom stall. she was going to come back for it.
guess what she was wearing?
a burberry scarf and a marc jacobs bag.
guess what she got out of the deal?
$50 cash. was it worth it?
guess where she is now?
in jail.
guess where i'll be on january 27, 2011?
testifying against her in court.
then, after all this, i got a bit of a bomb dropped on me by the guy i've been talking to.
last night was clearly memorable.
i need these in my life.
found on piperlime.
i'm obsessed with this. and this.
and this blog in general.
we got a dog!!!!
actually, she's margaux's.
her name is marcel and she's named after the shell.

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